Posted by: Robin A. Edgar | December 18, 2012

The Mastaki Family and the Village Experience

I have wonderful news! In spite of set backs with the recent rebel violence in Goma, Riziki’s father is now able to travel to the capitol and has an appointment on January 9. 2013 to present the final paperwork for him to get the go ahead to immigrate legally to the U.S. where he will join his daughter in Charlotte, NC.

Riziki’s brother, Moses, has started school in France, where he is living with his other sister. The Mastaki family in Kenya have been assigned their immigrant numbers and continue to wait for appointments to meet with clerks at the UNCR to move forward with their immigration to other countries. Your donations along with sales from scarves with Knit Together in Peace help to sustain them during this waiting period.

The Village Experience and the Village Cooperative have now been operating for 5 years, and have been very generous to help us to support the Mastaki family in Kenya. If you like, you can about the different aspects of their mission of “moving forward by giving back” via this link:

Many thanks to all of you have lent a helping hand to support Riziki as she tries to bring her family to safety!

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